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July 1, 2015 Internet Connection Counter v.7.6 Eng

This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up, GPRS, ADSL, LAN and so forth (TCP/IP) connections to the Internet. It can process almost all variety of tariff schemes, which are used by ISPs of different countries (money expenses for 1 business hour and for 1 Mb of traffic). Management of several connections (providers), each having its own settings and connections reports (log files) with recorded session details and diagrams showing money, time and traffic statistics. Export of connection report table into Microsoft Excel. Ping of remote address. Synchronization of system time with public NTP servers of exact time in the Internet.




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November 17, 2019  LPT_Switch v.2.5

9X/ME/2000/XP/2003/7/8; ENG
The program using the LPT-port to selectively switch on/off up to 12 electrical devices. Devices can be managed by the following main ways:
- manually;
- using the five sensors (the number of their on/offs can be taken into account);
- the contents of two text files f1 and f2;
- timer (schedule);
- from any computer of the local network, if you have installed the application LPTS_Client;
- remotely using the phone keypad, if the computer where you installed the program LPT_Switch have a 'voice' modem.
Also if there is no response to ping program can restart the devices connected to local area network.
Possible operation logic controller - run control devices program, prepared by the user.
Besides the ability to work from a prepared script - enable/disable devices and set playback wav-or mp3-files in real-time mixing (simultaneous playback) of different sounds.
Hot keys to manage the devices. Software emulation of pressing keys on the keyboard, depending on the status of sensors.



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November 26, 2016 Speed of response (SR_LPT) v.1.0

SR_LPT - program using the LPT-port (see. Figure) for determining the speed of human reaction to the visual signal.
The program can operate in two modes.
1) Program *.sr
The user himself writes sr-program (text files with the extension *.sr), which specifies the following parameters: the firing order of 12 LEDs connected to the outputs of LPT port (scheme to Help); glow duration; pause between the LEDs glow in milliseconds.
2) Random
On the basis of the random numbers are generated randomly the following values: LED number from 1 to 12; the pause between the different LEDs glow in milliseconds T2 (interval is defined in the settings from minimum to maximum). LED emission time T1 is the same for all the LEDs and is set in the settings. Automatically created Random.sr file can be used in the "Program *.sr" mode.

The LEDs are located in different areas of the field of vision of the test person. The subject must quickly press the button when you turn on the LEDs. The reaction rate in the table is written to the output file result.txt. Reaction speed is the time from the start signal until the response of the organism. After practice, the reaction rate increases.


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