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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At start ICC under Win 98 the message " LOADER ERROR " is given out. How to treat?
A: The file is necessary for work of the program msvbvm60.dll. It can be downloaded from our site (689 KB) or to take, for example, from a computer where it is installed Win XP. From a folder x:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 and to copy on the computer in a folder of the program or in a folder x:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.

Q: Whether the program is compatible to OS Windows Vista? After installation of the program and the first start the mistake about incorrect registration of a component "MSWINSCK.OCX" is fixed.
A: Probably, into distribution kit Windows Vista enters 'defective' for ICC a file msvbvm60.dll. The reasons of such work for the author are not clear yet and will be found out. Try to change a file msvbvm60.dll in a folder x:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (see the previous question).

Q: The program has suddenly ceased to be loaded, codes of mistakes are not given out. How to be?
A: It happens, that at installation of any programs (is more often than games) system files are replaced. Therefore try to replace a file msvbvm60.dll (see the previous question)

Q: While the program is establishing connection with an ISP (verifying your login and password) counters start counting, though you do not see if connection is established by IE or OE activity. Verifying takes too long, ~ 1 min.
A: This is due to complicated connection routine, which may be caused by inappropriate communication settings of IE. Try clearing all checkboxes except TCP/IP on the Server Types tab of Dial-up Networking/Properties window of your connection. For my ISP the checkbox Log on to Network is quite a hindrance.

Q: For day of work of the program there was twice its emergency end: " Run-time error '6', Overflow ".
A: The reason of "overflow" can be because of too big duration of a session of connection. Try on the tab Edit in a frame "Maximal duration of session" to put 1 hour. If at installation "1 hour " failures will be stopped, gradually it is possible to increase duration of session before occurrence of failures. And simply it is possible to leave "1 hour" - superfluous lines in the Report of connection, I think, will not prevent strongly.