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Internet Connection Counter, review of the issued versions

Version 7.6

  • For "RasApi" fixed error when exceeding the incoming traffic 2 GB.
  • In tab <General> - <Administration> added option 'Lock system task Manager'. Done so that it was impossible to remove the ICC task.
  • In tab <General> - <Control> added option 'Download in hidden mode, show/hide - <Ctrl+Shift+left Arrow>. Done to ensure that no unauthorized to close the ICC.

Version 7.5

  • Choice of appearance of the indicator of speed of an exchange: the Graph or the Diagram. Earlier - only the Diagram.
  • Opportunity of a choice of periodicity of updating of the indicator of speed of an exchange. Allowable values from 1 up to 1000 milliseconds; 1000 milliseconds = 1 second..
  • The tab Adapters is replaced with the tab of Connections, here the program forms 3 lists of different types of the connections present in system and the choice of a name of connection which will be used by default is given.
  • At start of the program for the first time on the given computer the Wizard offers to choose a name of the basic Internet - connection which will get out at each start of the program by default.
  • At start of the program creates a file with a name <Network_connections.txt>, containing list of existing connections and a name of version Windows. At occurrence of problems or errors in the program, it is recommended to send its author of the program.
  • The button <Support> in a window of Adjustment for creation and sending of the letter to the author with the text describing an arisen problem, a question on work of the program, the remark or the offer something to add or change. A choice of the different variants attached to the letter of files which are necessary for the subsequent analysis of their contents the author. For this purpose the program of the system post client is required (Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat! Etc.)
  • On the tab <General - Synchronize Clock> is added 'Correction of hours according to local time'.

Version 7.4

  • The Options Wizard is added (menu). This Wizard will help you to make initial ('draft') adjustment of the current connection.
  • In a window Network Monitor is added item of the menu "Get hostname from IP address".
  • The Graphs tab is added.
  • On the tab Alerts in a framework "Event - Sound file" is added a sound the "Watchman".
  • On the tab the Editor the button "Import of options..." is added.
  • On the tab the Editor adjustment "Periodicity of updating of indications of counters" (from 1 up to 1000 milliseconds) is added.
  • The out-of-date way of the control of connection "reg" is removed and added new - "RasApi"
  • Some errors of version 7.3 were corrected.

Version 7.3

  • The Adapters tab is added. Creation of names of connections with names of network adapters. It is possible to limit length of names of connections.
    Opportunity to enable/disable Local Area Connection at occurrence of the events specified in Options ICC (in Windows 9x it is not supported).
  • For correction of counters of the traffic the factor "Divider of the traffic" is added (tab Editor).
  • The window <Analysis of the report> is added. It is necessary in that case when the provider raises a payment by results of monthly work of the user. For example, depending on the traffic in 'day time' and 'night time' will be cost of the traffic of 1 Mb is calculated.
  • The limit of the traffic for specified time of session of connection is added. Activation of tariff plans occurs in the event that for 'astronomical' time Ta (minutes) specified by the provider the limit of traffic Ltraf (MB)is exceeded. Before excess of a limit the traffic is free-of-charge. Readout of 'astronomical' time begins from the moment of the beginning of session of communication(connection) and proceeds without dependence from that, session was finished whether or not. Warning the message at the current traffic = 90 % from Ltraf. The counter of 'astronomical' time is reset at the expiration of time Ta.
  • Since providers establish different size of 1 megabyte of the traffic, the opportunity of a choice is added: 1 Mb = 1024 Kb or 1 Mb = 1000 Kb.
  • With occurrence of the high-speed Internet there was a necessity of increase of frequency of updating of indications of counters up to 1 millisecond (was - 1 second).
  • Opportunity daily automatically to null counters "Total general traffic for the period " and "Monetary expenses for the period ", i.e. actually the given counters can become: "Total general traffic for day" and "Monetary expenses for day" accordingly.
  • The opportunity to save all IP-addresses with which was data exchange in file IP.log.
  • Opportunity to transfer a file of the Report of connection on the FTP-server in the Internet manually or automatically in the beginning of accounting month for the last month works.
  • The opportunity of periodic playing of the given sound file during session of connection is added. Periodicity sets in minutes.
  • Automatic break of connection at excess of the given sizes of the total incoming traffic and total monetary expenses.
  • Choice of color of the button 'Connect / Disconnect' in the Main window depending on a status of connection.
  • Sticking of counters to borders of the screen.
  • Opportunity of a choice of fonts for labels under counters of the main window.
  • Opportunity to hide a window of counters, the network monitor and graphs of speed at movement above them of the mouse pointer if the key "Shift" is not pressed (at pressed - windows do not disappear). Windows again become seen at an output from area of the hidden window.
  • Opportunity to enter negative value of "Adjusted session time" on the tab Editor.
  • The report on days of month is added, such type of the report is given more often by DSL-providers.
  • The list "Internal IP-addresses" is added.
  • The new decorative menu is created. It is hidden not by click of the mouse above any window, and at the certain distance from it the mouse pointer (shortcuts).
  • Graphs of speed - calculation of the maximal speed of an exchange automatically.
  • Opportunity of operative change of four advanced adjustments of program Internet Explorer: Play animations, Play sounds, Play videos and Show pictures.
  • For correction of counters of the traffic the factor 'Divider of the traffic' is added.

Version 7.1

  • For the reason that Windows Vista any more does not support classical type of the Help (*.hlp), the new file of the Help in format HTML (*.chm) is created. For the same reason the file of dynamic library msvbvm60.dll instead of msvbvm50.dll now is used.
  • The special window for construction of graphs of speed of reception and transmission during a session of connection is created.
  • Replacement of item of the menu " info" item "Troubleshooting" - transition to page of a site "FAQ".
  • The new item of the menu "Check for Update" is added.
  • Creations of the list "Ranges of IP-addresses with the tariffs". It is used in those cases if cost of the traffic depends on IP-addresses with which connection is established.
  • Creations of the list "Ranges of the consumed total traffic with the tariffs".
  • Switching between connection with a name "LAN" and removed dial-up connections is automated (Connection tab).
  • The new counter < Total general traffic for the period > is added.
  • At change of the system regional standard " Decimal symbol " now does not arise a fatal mistake since the program itself corrects the files of adjustments.
  • Rounding off of the traffic after break of connection: calculation of payment for the traffic is made with the given accuracy (Tariffs - button Advanced).
  • Unit of the traffic (KB or MB) sets on tab Edit.
  • Tariffs now can be counted with addition of the specified quantity of percents, for example, the VAT. Before recording in lists of tariff plans.
  • Recording of a string of tariffs is possible not only in one, the marked list, but also at once in lists of five working days of week or in lists of holidays.
  • Function 'Backup main program files' is altered: now it occurs not at the moment of each loading ICC, but only at break of connection or manually.
  • Opportunity daily to null total counters of the traffic.
  • Check of updating of the version from the menu and automatically in a background mode.
  • Opportunity to adjust access to Reports, as well as to a window of Options - only after input of the password.
  • Some errors of version 7.0 were corrected.

Version 7.0

  • Graphic interface performed in XP style and has three optional color schemes: Blue, Silver and Olive-green.
  • Synchronization of system time with public NTP servers of exact time in the Internet.
  • <System Time> counter now can be substituted for the <Active Tariffs> counter.
  • "LAN" connection created and inserted in the connections' list. It is useful in case of getting to the Internet using not only modem(s), but LAN gateway as well.
  • If a server used to connect to the internet has a Proxy/Firewall-type program installed, which doesn't allow ICC to "see" external IP-addresses (in this case they cannot be seen in the <Network Monitor> window), you can declare server IP-address as external, thus excluding it from the list of LAN addresses. You can also expand the list of ports, where, if data exchange is detected, an Internet connection will be considered.
  • Working in IP/LAN mode, when your computer is connected to LAN and uses the modem of another computer, you may set maximum data exchange rate (Kbit/s) on the <View> tab to properly calculate the length of indication bars of speed indicators. This parameter is used for the best performance of graphic indicators, to prevent constant "pinning" (if maximum data exchange rate has been set inadequately low), or vice versa, "underpinning", when indication bar constantly occupies only starting zone of an indicator. Earlier such calculations have been performed based on connection speed, which, in this case, makes no sense.
  • If there are two ICC folders on your computer (in case you have two OS installed), they may be synchronized at disconnection or closing of the program. To the selected folder will be copied: the files of report (log) and current connection settings with counter readings (ini) ('All data' synchronization mode) or readings of only 5 resulting counters: Money Balance, Total Expenses, Total Time, Total Incoming and Total Outgoing Traffic, and report ('Only resulting counters and reports' synchronization mode). This mode has nothing to do with program appearance and other counters. Important! In both OS the same connection names and regional settings (decimal symbol and time separator) must be used.
  • To ensure quick and handy familiarization with ICC, detailed multiline pop-up tips were added. They, however, may be hidden, if necessary.
  • Some users complained about pop-up tips emerging over the counters of the main window. Now they can be hidden as well.
  • A special button was added to the <View> tab, allowing selection of text color for all buttons of the 'Options' window.
  • In the main window the button <Connect-Disconnect> turns green if data exchange is detected for intra-LAN addresses. Added to previous indications: blue - no connection, red - connected.
  • To make program's tuning easier, the button "Apply to all connections" was added to the <Edit> tab - it applies settings of the current connection (except tariffs and counter readings) to all other connections.
  • The menu command 'Active Tariffs' shows currently acting tariffs for all connections (off-line) or only for the current one (on-line).
  • For more convenience, the 'Options' window button now is shown on the Task Bar, and the window itself isn't the topmost.
  • As asked for by users, settings and counter readings now may be changed on-line (while connection is active); <Apply> button has been activated. However, being on-line it's not recommended to use this button, as values of some counters may be miscalculated.

Version 6.0

  • One more (4th) mode of connection control added (IP/LAN) to detect Internet connection for the computer, which does not belong to LAN. It may be used if any of other 3 modes (introduced earlier) does not work.
  • An option added to calculate traffic on a computer, connected to LAN. This computer may use both its own modem and a modem of another computer, belonging to the same LAN (TCP/IP protocol).
  • New Network Monitor window added, which shows, what IP addresses and ports a computer is connected to at the moment. This window may be useful when working in LAN, as well as to discover troyan viruses that make connections of their own to IP addresses, not specified by you.
  • Backup options of the program were significantly modified: user may specify any folder on any disk for backup purposes; when ICC starts first time, it does not display alerts 'file of connection settings not found'; if any file of settings was not found or there is an error in this file, a user has a choice: to use a backup copy or create it anew.
  • If you use an Internet card, which has expiry date, reminder showing the number of days till expiration is dislplayed not each time ICC starts, but only if the number of days left is less than specified.
  • An option added to show/hide program windows (Main Counters', Speed Counters', Network Monitor, Options windows), just positioning cursor at the borders of the screen (upper, lower, left and right borders).
  • An option added to apply lists of pinged addresses, sound files and launched programs for the active connection to all connections. This is quite handy, as these lists, as a rule, are the same for different connections; now you do not have to set them individually.
  • An option added not to create log-files of report anew at the starting day of monthly account (the old ones will not be placed into the History folder). ICC v. 5.6 used this policy by default, now user has a choice.
  • Report table now contains line showing connection speed (bit/sec).
  • If you frequently give your friends an opportunity to use your computer to work in the Internet, you may prepare a list of their names to calculate their Internet expenses. These names will be added to the session record along with the name of a Windows user.

Version 5.6

  • Table of connection records may be fully customized: user can specify traffic units (b, kb, Mb), font, columns to be shown, column width. Data may be sorted in ascending and descending order.
  • Export of connection report table into Microsoft Excel.
  • Main window counters can be arranged both horizontally (row) and vertically (column).
  • Speed counters can be arranged both horizontally (row) and vertically (column).
  • Counter dimensions (width, height) now can be adjusted.
  • Counter numbers can be aligned (left, center, right).
  • Unneeded items of the main program window can be hidden.
  • New 'Connect/Disconnect' button added to the main window. It is shown if the option 'Show main window shell' has been selected. When connected, it turns red, when disconnected - blue.
  • To make interface adjustment easier, almost all changes may be viewed immediately, before pushing buttons 'Apply' or 'OK'. These buttons are used to finally save the specified parameters.
  • In on-line mode 'Apply' button of the 'Options' window is blocked, because editing 'running' counter readings may cause program to fail. However, many settings still may be changed on-line: interface elements, counters to be displayed, alerts, etc. Changes made on-line will be automatically saved on disconnection.
  • New menu item 'Modem Options'. It is useful if modem has to be often adjusted, for instance, to change tone/pulse-dialing mode.
  • User may choose the way program dials after pressing 'Connect to' item of the menu: immediately (default) or first displaying IE connection window and waiting for confirmation ('Connect' button)
  • Information, downloaded from CountersLab website, is saved in the program folder and may be viewed off-line.
  • On creation of a new report file (log) the old one, renamed into ConnectionNameData_Time.log, is saved in [History] folder, to avoid mess in the main program folder.
  • To avoid selecting 'Options window requires password' option separately for each connection, this setting is applied to all existing connections.
  • When ICC starts or switches connection, main program files (*.ini, *.log) are automatically copied in c:\ICC_Backup folder (if proper option was selected). Backup copy can be used to restore the main files in case of their corruption or deletion.
  • User may choose not to display messages notifying about tariff switching, as it seems to make people nervous and distract them.
  • The number of processed tariffs has been substantially increased due to a possibility to switch tariffs when any of specified limits is exceeded. In this case currently active connection is replaced by another connection, which uses specially prepared 'Tariffs' tab (tariffs of this tab are put in action only when some limit is exceeded). The readings of 'Total Money' and 'Payment Balance' counters are imported into the proper counters of the active connection. This option should be used if the 'Limits' tab does not provide enough flexibility to fit specific payment scheme.
  • New counter 'Expenses for period' was added, which is used to calculate expenses for any specified time interval. This counter may be cleared by double clicking on it; at the same time current date and time are saved as new initial settings. If the main window gets focus, they are displayed when mouse cursor rests over the counter field. A user may specify values, which will trigger a corresponding alert message display.
  • Monetary unit used for a given connection can be specified on 'Edit' tab.
  • Following bugs were removed:
    a) On some computers the program failed (Run time error '13') when user tried to change the starting day of monthly account (General tab)
    b) Sometimes establishing connection the program disconnected, displaying message saying that this time was specified as time of disconnection in the Options window. This bug was noticed only in case of connection having specified disconnection time (hh:mm), which was the same, as the time at the moment of establishing connection with ISP.
    c) Automatic monthly check-up of program website sometimes did not work.

Version 5.5

  • Changes in the Options window: new tabs' layout expanding list of connection names was placed in the title bar of the Options window and now is available from any tab.
  • Two new items added to the 'Connection to' menu: 'the cheapest by time' and 'the cheapest by traffic'. This allows choosing the connection using the tariff that is the cheapest at the moment. The feature will be especially useful for the users having several providers.
  • New option ' news' provides information from CountersLab web site about availability of the newest version of ICC and author's messages (notes, found and corrected errors, questions to users, etc.). A user can get information both by menu command and automatically in the beginning of a session; in the last case periodicity of the check-up should be specified. New version of ICC may be downloaded by pressing proper button on the form.
  • In addition to the indices recorded in the connection log, ICC's start/close time, ping statistics, time of the web site last check-up, and other parameters are recorded in a new general log (file icc.log).
  • An option 'Ping remote addresses' gives an ability to check responsiveness of sites and mailboxes, as well as wake up 'sleeping' providers, both by a menu command and automatically after a specified time of inactivity. The check-up results (time of response and URL in a numeric format) are recorded into a general log (icc.log). The list of addresses used for pinging (they should be entered in a symbolic format) is prepared in advance and has no size limit.
  • A new option to build up comparative 7-day diagrams showing money, time and traffic statistics; the starting point of the range being specified in the same window.
  • An option to disconnect not only in adjustable time interval (hh:mm:ss) but also at a specified time (hh:mm).
  • An option to disconnect at the moment when connection speed drops below a set value.
  • If a user has an Internet card, which expires in a specified time, he may set the counter of expiration date ('Limits' tab). Countdown will be activated the next time connection to the Internet is estab-lished. The information on remaining days and the date of expiration will be shown in a reminder window each time the program's being started.
  • The applications, which have been loaded by ICC on its start, now may be closed not only when ICC closes, but also at disconnection (if the option 'Redial when disconnected' was not checked).
  • Now pointing with a cursor at the ICC icon in the tray evokes floating tip, which shows main counters' statistics.

Version 5.4

  • Two new counters: 'Summarized Traffic (incoming + outgoing)' and 'Total Summarized Traffic (all sessions)'.
  • An option to create up to three groups of connections having common accounts. The readings of counters of payment account and total expenses for the working connection of any group are applied to the counters of all connections of this group at the end of a session.
  • An option to specify the limit of free time for a single session (0-59 sec). If exceeded, this time has to be paid for and is subtracted from the account.
  • 2 new tabs 'View' and 'Limits' in the Options window.
  • An option to save counter readings during a session in a specified time interval to ensure their recovery in case of any emergency (accidental shutdown, system crash, etc.). In previous versions of the program counters readings could be saved only at disconnection.
  • An option to hide/show 'turn off the computer' item of the menu.

Version 5.3

  • Autorun when IE starts browsing.
  • Administration:
        An option to set a password for the Options window;
        Optional blocking of the 'Exit' item of the menu;
        An option to make the program invisible in the Windows Task Manager's list called by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del (Windows 95, 98 and ME only).
  • The Options window access password (in case you have forgotten it) can be removed only using a special program (DeletePassword.exe), which comes in a package.
  • Unloading ICC from memory when disconnected (in a user-defined number of seconds) and system shutdown possibility.
  • Shut down command added to the menu.
  • Minor changes in the interface of the Tariffs tab.
  • Holidays tariff list.
  • An option to choose program's icon type in a system tray (dynamic or static) and replace a static icon with the one of your choice.
  • An option to change transparency of the program's basic windows (Windows XP, 2000).
  • ICC start/close and the Options window opening time may be recorded into a log file.
  • Appearance of the About The Program window changed, 'System Info' and 'Support' buttons added.

Version 5.2

  • The Limits tab added to the Options window.
    An option to automatically change the active tariff depending on total time being on-line (according to the user-specified settings).
  • An option to update the fields of counters of the account ('Total M', 'Balance' and 'Balance T') after each session using the last active tariff.
  • An option to automatically subtract monthly account activation fee at the beginning of a month.
  • All processes (applications) running in the system are shown in the Files tab list. Any of them may be closed at user's request.
  • Option to choose standard or decorative style of the program's menu.

Version 5.1

  • An option to display an alert when:
    total summarized traffic (received + transmitted) exceeds xx MB.
    total time exceeds hh:mm.
  • An option to specify limits set by some ISPs:
    a) the limit of total summarized (received + transmitted) traffic,
    b) the limit of free total time (hh:mm).
  • 3 different ways of processing tariff schemes (payments for the traffic and time) when any of specified limits is exceeded.
  • An option to disconnect when ICC closes.
  • An option of setting a delay (in seconds) to have time to take a note of counters' readings before ICC closes.
  • The list of holidays, when Sunday tariff schemes are in effect.
  • An option to choose font for the counters of the main window and speed counters.
  • An option to set transparent background for the counters of the main window and to show/hide their border.

Version 5.0

  • Measurement of the incoming / outgoing traffic and traffic-related money expenses.
  • The following counters added to the program's main window: Incoming Traffic (current session), Outgoing Traffic (current session), Total Incoming Traffic, and Total Outgoing Traffic.
  • Three speed counters (Connection Speed, Reception Speed, Transmission Speed) opened in a separate window. The counters have built-in speed bars.
  • The log file changed to include data entries for the newly added counters.
  • The following alerts added: 'Total incoming traffic exceeded xx MB'; 'Idle time > N minutes. Disconnection in 15 seconds... Stop disconnection, continue work?'.

Version 4.14e

  • Capability of managing high-speed connection to the Internet.
  • Checking of installed versions Windows and Internet Explorer.
  • Processing several user profiles, user name entries in a log file.
  • Internal viewer for the log files (external application associated with *.log files is not needed).

Version 4.12e

  • The counter of time balance.
  • An option to launch external programs either before or after establishing of connection and to close them when CC4.12 closes.

Version 4.10e

  • New graphic interface.
  • The second instance of an external program is not launched if this program is already running.
  • The program does not need comdlg32.ocx.
  • Tips window may be optionally shown at program start-up.

Version 3.21.4E

  • Two program packages offered for downloading: "No Install" (without program installer) and "Install-Uninstall" (includes program installer).
  • Improved support for W2K.
  • If your computer is connected to the Internet via LAN, program shows a warning message (connection cannot be established).

Version 3.21E

  • The program handles unlimited number of ISPs (Internet Service Providers), each ISP having its own settings and corresponding log file.
  • Log files tabulated.
  • The 'Connect to...' menu command.
  • The 'Open log' menu command.
  • An option to run the program at Windows start-up.
  • The Total Money counter (total money expenses).

Version 3.1E

  • The interface of the Options window changed.
  • An option to clear both Total Time and statistics counters at the starting day of monthly account.
  • The option Fixed cost of connection added.
  • An option to launch unlimited number of external programs.
  • An option to turn off sound support for events.

Version 2.12.1

  • Classic WinHelp replaced the previous HTML help page.

Version 2.12

  • Tariff change depending on system time and day of a week.
  • An option to set the starting day of monthly account.
  • An option to change background and font colors of any counter.
  • Sound support for the three main events (connection, disconnection, change of tariff) with an option to choose any *.wav file.
  • An option to look through and edit *.log and *.ini files by the programs, which open data files in a system by default.

Version 2.11

  • Two modes of connection control, Windows NT compatibility.
  • Dialing of ISP number.
  • The Options window and its tabs were changed.
  • Possibility to edit readings of four counters.

Version 1.23

  • Charges calculated by seconds and minutes.
  • The counter of total time being on-line (summary for a number of sessions) with an option to be cleared at user's request.

Version 1.22

  • Collection of total statistics data (time, money) for a month, creation of Month.log files.
  • Launching of up to three external programs before and after establishing of connection.
  • Disconnection by the timer.
  • The bug causing distortion of text in the Options window when system uses large screen font was fixed.

Version 1.21

  • The program detects an active Internet connection by checking the keys of the registry instead of using the function of wininet.dll, since in some instances of Win v.1.20 the second way does not work.
  • Dynamic icon in a system tray.

Version 1.20

  • Icon in a system tray. Optimization of the code.

Version 1.01

  • Session Time, Money Expenses, Payment Balance and System Time counters shown in the program's main window.
  • Counter readings for each session saved in a log file, data being consequently added after each session.
  • Launching of up to three external programs before connection is established.
    Fast access keys duplicate the commands of the menu.
  • The module of connection control uses functions of a system library wininet.dll.